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Tango, Bed & Breakfast

yuyo verde

Living ant the access to office and terrace.

This is the perfect place for a stay in Buenos Aires – located on a quiet street close to one of the most celebrated intersections of the city: San Juan Avenue & Boedo Street, the heart of a very traditional neighborhood or barrio called Boedo. The most famous artists of the porteña culture have lived there. Within walking distance from the subway and numerous bus lines and a major avenue that runs across the city, the visitor has easy access to renowned milongas like Grisel, Lo de Celia, Niño Bien, Canning and to other famous barrios like San Telmo, Puerto Madero, La Boca, and the bustling commercial, historic and political downtown Buenos Aires.

Yuyo Verde is also emplaced very near of Urquiza station, Line E of the Buenos Aires undergrounds. See the map.

The big room, in the second floor, with double bed, looking from the mirrow antique of one piece of furniture.

Our guests enjoy a personalized attention in a comfortable and cozy environment, they can even relax on our sunny terraces without forgetting their tango lessons given by professional dancers.
Boedo was at the beginning of the 20th century the core of a group of musicians, poets, painters and sculptors of our popular proletarian culture (who would become forever known as the Boedo Group, confronted to the Florida Group led by Jorge Luis Borges). Boedo has been always a cornerstone for the tango culture and it remains like that until today. One of the outstanding sons of this quarter has been Julio De Caro, considered by Astor Piazzola as one of his teachers.  

De Caro has been one of the key artists in the developing of the tango as we know it today. He composed in 1928 an emblematic tango called Boedo, acclaimed by being musically vanguardist.

The quarter was also witness of legendary characters, like Eufemio Pizarro, archetypes of guapos.

Yuyo Verde offers spacious rooms, full bathrooms, kitchen, dinning room, cable TV (with RAI, France and TVE Spain), full Internet (ADSL) and inviting terraces. See pictures page.

A terrace corner, with small garden. For read the news. Or to rejoice the Buenos Aires sun with the walkman.

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Prudán 1213 (casi esquina avenida. San Juan) - CP 1242 - Tel (54-011) 4932-4352 - Buenos Aires, Argentina 



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